Sanja is an amazing teacher. She is very patient, kind and is a natural. She kept the lessons interesting so kids don’t lose focus. I absolutely miss having her as my son’s piano teacher. ~ July 24, 2015

Shelly R.

Sanja is an excellent piano teacher. My daughter Jessica loved her and they worked very well together during her lessons. We were sad to see her move to Massachusetts. ~ July 24, 2015

Laura W.

Sanja taught my son for almost two years. He was 5 1/2 at the time and very shy. He took to Sanja right away. She is very friendly and is exceptional with children. She has tremendous patience which was very important to me since he was so young. She concentrated on teaching him the fundamentals but also ensured he was playing music that kept him interested in learning. He truly loved his time with Sanja. I highly recommend her for…

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Karen M.

Sanja is an exceptional piano teacher. When I met her, I was sixteen and I already had plenty previous piano experience and knowledge. However, in the two years Sanja taught me, she taught me so much more than I would have ever imagined. I can say that from both firsthand experience and from observing her with other students, Sanja has a great amount of knowledge to share and knows exactly how to teach it to all ages. She is very…

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Isabella M

Witnessed a tremendous growth in piano playing of my child under her teaching and guidance. Sanja is very passionate about piano playing. She is dedicated to her students’s growth and my child had a great learning experience with her. We miss her! ~ July 27, 2015

Shri S.

I think that Miss Sanja is very nice and is very good at teaching kids piano. She is also very patient and helped me realize that I love piano! ~ September 7, 2015

Brandi C. – (8 yrs old)

Sanja was good starting kids with good habits right away and they listened to her very well. ~ October 7, 2017

Sue F.

Sanja is an amazing piano teacher and person. She is knowledgeable, supportive and focused. Sanja always goes the extra mile to design lessons according to my needs and abilities. She has a magic touch as to when to push me so I can achieve my best and when to recognize that I might need an alternative approach that is best for me. I can always count on Sanja to give me her utmost support and I always feel that I…

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Neda S. – student

My daughter and I have been taking weekly piano lessons with Sanja for almost three years.   I was immediately impressed that when we interviewed Sanja, she has a masters degree in music and a clear passion for teaching piano.    She was candid about the capacity a pre-teen has for length and frequency of lessons and didn’t try to sell me on more time than my 11-yr old daughter could really absorb.   In the three years we’ve been…

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Deena E. – student and parent

Sanja was my piano teacher a few years ago. I was a novice and as a teacher, Sanja was knowledgeable, patient, focused, punctual and supportive. Although focused on work, these lessons were also a lot of fun! I made progress in a very short period of time. I highly recommend Sanja as a teacher! Wish we haven’t moved, otherwise I’d still be Sanja’s student.  

Katarina L.

Sanja is professional but still warm. I have never taken piano lessons before and she taught me to read music and now I am playing intermediate songs in two years! I would recommend her for both adults and children.

Nidhi Kapoor, student

Last year I took several months of piano pedagogy lessons from Sanja to update my own teaching skills. Sanja was passionate about sharing her vast knowledge of contemporary repertoire, technology, and technique. As a result of Sanja’s mentorship, I feel my own piano teaching has greatly improved. Sanja is an excellent teacher, and she is warm and caring. I highly recommend her as piano teacher for children, adults, and other piano teachers!

Abbe Morrongiello, piano teacher

Excellent piano teacher! My daughter was a beginner and made tremendous progress under Sanja. We really appreciated her personalized instruction, patience and passion.

Bob McCaffery, parent

Sanja has done a fantastic job teaching my kids how to play piano with no prior experience. She is an excellent teacher and shows them the proper way to play.

Chris McKeen, parent

Sanya is a very talented and knowledgeable teacher. My daughter loves her.

Jennifer Curry, parent