About Sanja

About Sanja

Who Teaches the Lessons?

With over 25 years teaching private piano lessons to students of all ages, Sanja has a passion to share the joy of piano with her students! Students learn an enthusiasm for performance from Sanja, for audiences both large and small. Sanja’s approach helps students not only grow as musicians, but helps to nurture discipline and self-confidence.  Find out more about Sanja.

Where Do Lessons Take Place?

Sanja offers piano lessons in  studio in Norfolk, MA.

Does a Potential Student Need Their Own  Piano?

Simply, yes.

​It’s very important to have the proper equipment to master any new skill, and piano is no exception. During the very first lesson, students are assigned music and technical exercises. A home piano is necessary for home practice, and home practice is crucial for successful mastery of the instrument. Used pianos can be purchased for a reasonable price and some are absolutely free! Check Craigslist or FaceBook Yard Sale in your neighborhood. You only need to arrange to transport the instrument and give it a good tuning once it has been moved and has acclimated to your home.

What does tuition cover?

Sanja’s commitment to your child’s musical advancement is a full-time effort, and goes above and beyond an hourly fee. Tuition not only covers time spent with students in private lessons with a personal, individualized plan for each student’s course of study, but also access to a variety of studio materials, including landing library, iPad apps, digital music, printed materials and handouts, music theory and history games. Preparation for recitals is also an important part of the regular lessons! Sanja continuously works to improve her own skills through training and membership in professional organizations, which also provides students with opportunities for competitions, exams and festivals.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

You may want to know about Sanja’s piano studio policies as well as tuition costs. She has a well-organized plan developed over many years of experience. Because specific times are set-aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  The teacher will then use that time or other times to plan for the student’s progress, locate and create materials, etc. There are no refunds, discounts or makeups given unless Sanja is unable to teach the lesson due to illnesses or professional commitments. In these cases lessons will be rescheduled to a mutually acceptable time. If the student is unable to come in for the lesson due to  slight illness, FaceTime or Skype lessons are always an option at their lesson time. Learn more about Norfolk Piano Studio policy.

What Do Students and Parents Say About Sanja?

Several of her students and their parents have shared their thoughts and feelings so you can get a feel for her style.  You can read their testimonials and get to know her for yourself!

How Do I Find Out More?

To find out more about piano lessons for your child and you, contact Sanja today!