Piano Lessons For Adults

Piano Lessons For Adults

Piano lessons are not for children only and  it is never too late to learn. To meet the unique needs and desires of each adult,  lessons are individualized and customized for every student. Lessons for adults include standard beginner, intermediate or advanced piano literature, technique, and theory, and/or the study of creative activities and popular music. 

It’s true that piano lessons benefit young children, but they benefit grown-ups as well. In fact, they may advantage grown-ups even more.

Research shows that piano lessons enhance the working memory of older adults and playing the piano eases stress. It also reduces depression in elderly adults. Physical benefits of playing the piano are like taking our fingers to the gym. As we practice on a regular basis, our fingers will inevitably strengthen and benefit from increased dexterity. The repetitive motions of playing will sharpen our fine motor skills. Playing will help develop ambidexterity and improve eye-hand coordination. Taking lessons later in life can slow down our aging process.

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