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Norfolk Piano Studio policy

The appreciation and performance of music is rewarding throughout our lives. Music lifts our spirits and enriches our moments in a simple and direct manner regardless of age and circumstance. This is why I consider the gift of music to be one of the most precious and long lasting gifts that we can give our loved ones and ourselves.

It has been my great pleasure, as a professor of piano, to guide many students in learning and perfecting their skills on this wonderful timeless instrument. I take great pride and joy in the successes of all of my students, and this is a source of fulfillment that I have cherished for many years.

I require, therefore, of all my students a serious and disciplined approach to the lessons and a habit of regular practicing between the lessons.

In my experience, I find that both the interests of the student and the professor are best served by a flat rate approach. I charge for four lessons per month, for every month of the year except July.  In months that allow for a fifth lesson to be held, that lesson is free. It is up to the student to use the free lessons either as a means for managing their schedule – either making up lesson time that was missed during the year, or as an opportunity to have extra lessons free of charge.

The benefits of this approach for the student are: An incentive to maintain a regular rhythm of learning and practice sessions

I endeavor to maintain a full schedule in the time I have available for teaching. Because of this, I unfortunately cannot reschedule lessons and cannot offer make-up sessions for lessons that are missed. The only exceptions to this are situation in which

I offer lessons of different durations to accommodate the students’ schedules and age and/or level according to the price list below:

For students who cannot commit to weekly lessons, there is an option of taking a la carte lesson with no comintment to have a lesson every week.

Exceptionally, I  offer 30 minute lessons if two young students wish to share one 60 minute lesson.

It is important to understand that this piano course does not conform to a concept of an academic year. The above scheduling and billing policy applies to all months of the year but July and August, regardless of school holidays and the like. There will be no lessons offered on Thanksgiving ( Thursday and Friday), and during The Christmas Holiday (12/24-1/1). July and August are  months off.

Tuition is due at the beginning of the month (the first lesson of the month). In case you are prevented to attend the first lesson scheduled in the given month, the tuition should be paid on the last lesson of the previous month. If tuition is not paid in timely manner, there is a late fee of $40.

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