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Sanja is professional but still warm. I have never taken piano lessons before and she taught me to read music and now I am playing intermediate songs in two years! I would recommend her for both adults and children.

Nidhi Kapoor, student

Last year I took several months of piano pedagogy lessons from Sanja to update my own teaching skills. Sanja was passionate about sharing her vast knowledge of contemporary repertoire, technology, and technique. As a result of Sanja’smentorship, I feel my own piano teaching has greatly improved. Sanja is an excellent teacher, and she is warm and caring. I highly recommend her as piano teacher for children, adults, and other piano teachers!

Abbe Morrongiello, piano teacher

Excellent piano teacher! My daughter was a beginner and made tremendous progress under Sanja. We really appreciated her personalized instruction, patience and passion.

Bob McCaffery, parent

Sanja has done a fantastic job teaching my kids how to play piano with no prior experience. She is an excellent teacher and shows them the proper way to play.

Chris McKeen, parent

Sanya is a very talented and knowledgeable teacher. My daughter loves her. 

Jennifer Curry

I have been taking lessons from Sanja since September, 2018. Sanja is an accomplished pianist and a very patient and Knowledgeable teacher. I have learned a great deal from her. Thank you, Sanja!

Alyce Crowell

Sanya is an incredible teacher. I played the piano from 1st-12th grade and last February got a piano in my home and was finally able to resume lessons. Sanya’s resume is impressive, almost intimidating, but her love for teaching piano to students of all ages is her passion. Sanya is able to keep me motivated to practice and play despite the busy-ness of life. She teaches me how to practice and be efficient with my time. She has expanded my repoirtore, I am playing pieces by new composers that I absolutely love. She truly understands what I enjoy and and I trust her recommendations. Sanya is truly a spectacular teacher and I am excited I found her. If you have played the piano previously and want to resume playing, I can not recommend her enough.

Annie Squires

The progress my 6 year old daughter has made in less than 18 months of Sanja’s instruction is remarkable. With kindness and a sense of humor mixed with a focus on music theory and form, Sanja makes her lessons enjoyable while providing the tools needed to improve – an impressive feat!

Amy Woolensack

Sanja was my piano teacher a few years ago. I was a novice and as a teacher, Sanja was knowledgeable, patient, focused, punctual and supportive. Although focused on work, these lessons were also a lot of fun!  I made progress in a very short period of time. I highly recommend Sanja as a teacher! Wish we haven’t moved, otherwise I’d still be Sanja’s student.

Katarina Lesandric

Sanja is an excellent, excellent piano teacher. I am an adult student, and her expertise, patience, and sheer knowledge of the piano make her an exceptionally gifted instructor. She also teaches my young daughter, who loves her and is progressing well.

Jon Paul Sydnor

Sanja is a wonderful piano teacher! She is patient, gives clear instructions and is a pleasure to chat with! My daughters are beginners and have made significant progress. They enjoy seeing Sanja each week. I highly recommend you contact Sanja if you are searching for a piano instructor.

Joanne DiPietro

Ms Sanja is the best piano teacher we could have found! She is patient, structured, and perceptive with my 7 yr old. Most importantly she is nurturing my daughters love for music. I wish I could spare more time for myself to take piano lessons from her as well.

Veerdhawal Pande

Sanja is amazing. As an adult trying to learn piano for the first time, I was very nervous. I did an app to start, but it wasn’t even close to the teaching I got from Sanja. She is so patient, knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend her for piano lessons for and child or adult.

Gavin Mish

Sanja has been working with my eleven year old daughter for two and a half years now, and I have to say she is an amazing teacher! Sanja is able to engage my daughter and her learning style with ease. She hand picks music that gets my daughter excited about playing piano and helps grow her passion for music. After practicing diligently and mastering some basics, my daughter blossomed into a beautiful, intermediate level pianist in such a short time. On top of that, my daughter has grown her confidence, concentration, and a solid appreciation of “practice makes perfect”. I am so grateful for Sanja and her talent as a kind, adaptive teacher, and the way she has worked with my daughter to help her grow as a musician and as a person. Couldn’t recommend her enough!

Melissa K

I have been taking piano lessons with Sanja for a little over a year now and I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable with a wonderful sense of humor to boot. She’s able to easily discern what I need, when I need it and molds each lesson accordingly. That means every lesson is stimulating and enjoyable for me. If you’re an adult, like me, learning to play and read music for the first time or if you’re looking for a teacher for your child, I highly recommend her.

Sharon Gilmore

Sanja is an excellent piano teacher whom I would strongly recommend to anyone. She takes time to understand the individual student and their own personal motivations for learning the piano. Sanja has put together a great curriculum in our time together that is specifically tailored to my goals. I am challenged at the right level and I know exactly what I need to work on once I leave her piano studio. Each lesson builds upon the previous one and I’ve felt a measurable sense of progress in my time working with her. As an adult learner, I am sometimes challenged to make time for at-home practice as well as keep a consistent lesson schedule. Sanja has been more than understanding and accommodating to these facts of life. While I am certainly encouraged to make progress, I never feel any pressure to be at a specific level of performance. If you are looking for a piano teacher for either yourself or your child, I highly suggest working with Sanja.

Matt Helin